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Belinda de Veer

Belinda de Veer is born in Aruba. She earned  a Doctor's degree in pharmacy in the USA, studies piano since she was 9 years old with teachers like the award winning Armand Simon, and attended workshops at Ateliers ’89 from 1989 until 1992 given by renowned  teachers from the Rietveld Academy  in Amsterdam.

She has had many individual and group exhibitions visited by, among others, members of  the Dutch and Monaco royal family  and her works have been used in several local and international publications.

Well known themes that appear in De Veer’s artworks are the feminine identity, motherhood, family heritage, impermanence, emotional landscape and connections and the travel through life and human growth.

These themes are symbolically expressed through the female body, gardens, flowers and the process of birth. Often phrases of De Veer’s poetry form the core of her art works.


She currently divides her time between her work in pharmacy and at her residence/atelier.


Her latest project is her newly established foundation “Fundacion Sinfonia” through which she has opened her residence –atelier as a house of arts in 2015. The house of arts will regularly feature  art activities and music performances.




Belinda de Veer

Toward other Tomorrows


Belinda's work

The recently founded art
An Island, her Island
Review by Armenia Ruiz
Art Critic Jennifer Smith
Dr. Bas Stigter Review


2002 Human- Nature
2004 Hofi di Rosa


2005 Canto Celestial
2006 Teatro
2008 Jardin di Desierto​
2012 Paraiso den Desierto


2015 Entranas
Other Works
Recent Works


Cabuyastraat 2, Oranjestad, ARUBA

T: 297 7323939   E: beldeveer@gmail.com

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